Dry Mouth Treatment – By Saliwell GenNarino


Dry Mouth Treatment – By Saliwell GenNarino

SCIENTIFICALLY  tested and proven  in 15 leading European and American University Centers .

The technical term for dry mouth is xerostomia. Everyone has a xerostomia once in a while – if they are nervous, upset or under stress.

But if you have a xerostomia all or most of the time, it can be extremely uncomfortable and can lead to serious health problems.

Saliwell GenNarino, a totally non-invasive option, the stimulation electronics are embedded inside a mouth-guard – like device and can be taken in and out at the patient’s will.

Saliwell GenNarino is a custom made removable device, which xerostomia sufferers wear whenever they feel dryness.

Dentists make an impression of the patient’s mouth and send it to Saliwell Ltd, which in turn embeds the circuitry inside a mouth-guard-shaped appliance made of dental material and returns the device to the dentist.

Once in two years, a new GenNarino needs to be fabricated with fresh batteries.

There are no side affects to the electricity.

Double blind placebo controlled clinical trials have demonstrated a significant increase in saliva secretion and relief to the patients, with no complaints.

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One Response to Dry Mouth Treatment – By Saliwell GenNarino

  • sarah says:

    a life saver for dry mouth sufferers !!!
    no more gels ,mouth rinses ,and other useless products


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